Sealcoating Boston

If your asphalt is looking worn down, why not hire BTL Driveways and Patios for sealcoating Boston. We provide an unbeatable service matched by amazing prices. Sealcoating is the first line of defense in protecting your driveway.

We can carry out patching and asphalt repairs before we apply the sealcoating. If you properly maintain your asphalt, you will avoid costly repairs or even the replacement of your driveway. Our sealcoating contractors in Boston have been sealing driveways for over 30 years and our customers agree!

Many factors contribute to the deterioration of asphalt, such as sun exposure, water erosion, oxidation, chemicals, freeze-thaw cycles and traffic. Our company applies all sealcoat emulsion by hand to the surface of the pavement. This application, as opposed to “spray on” applications, goes on thicker and therefore lasts longer.

We also put an epoxy fortifier and sand in our mixture giving you the best product available. In addition to protecting your Asphalt Driveways in Boston, sealcoating also has esthetic value. Sealing your driveway with a rich black color definitely adds curb-side appeal.

We recommend staying off the driveway 24 hours for walking and 48 hours with your vehicle. The seal coat dry time can be affected by the amounts of sealcoating we had to apply. Newer unsealed asphalt surfaces may need 12 hours before the surface can get wet.

Save Money Today in Boston By Getting Sealcoating

Previously sealed asphalt surfaces with smooth surfaces can be safe from water damage in less than 1 hour. Other factors like humidity, sun and temperature can also speed up or slow down the process.

What is the best time of year to seal a driveway?

In Boston the best time to seal coat is April through to October. Wet and cold conditions under 40 degrees moves out of the recommended range due to a slower drying process.

Why not call the specialists at BTL Driveways and Patios on (617) 415-4623 to schedule a quote for an unbeatable price for sealcoating in Boston.