Interlock Pavers Boston

Interlock Pavers on Driveway

When you want to add that curb appeal to your home, nothing stands out more than interlock pavers in Boston. Here at BTL Driveways and Patios, we provide an absolutely outstanding service for installing interlock paving on driveways, patios and garden areas.


We provide a tailored approach with each interlock project to ensure maximum benefit at the best prices available. Working only with quality interlock products such as Belgard, Newline and Techo-Bloc to ensure you get a vibrant, top class finish to your new driveway or patio area in Boston.

Our skilled interlock paving team undertakes each project with the same care and devotion. Our motto is if you can imagine it, BTL Driveways and Patios can build it!

From new base foundations on each driveway to ensuring the right drainage system is set in place along with solid reinforced concrete restraints around the interlock paved driveway. This goes for all types of driveway installations including Asphalt Driveways in Boston and more.

Interlock pavers can be laid on driveways, patio areas and garden pathways in an amazing variety of colours and laying patterns. During our FREE estimate, we can discuss the work with you, lay out some patterns, provide some design insights and finish off with an unbeatable price!

Not sure if you want an interlock paved driveway? Have a look at some other choices including the more affordable options such as Asphalt Milling Boston from our Driveway Contractors in Boston.

Call BTL Driveways and Patios at (617) 415-4623 for a free estimate on getting interlock pavers in Boston.